Client: Cascadian Ales (Concept Brand), Industry: Alcohol, Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design
A craft brewery located on Vancouver Island were looking to have branding created for them that communicated the traditional values of how they brew their beer while also appealing to late 20's to mid 30's demographic.
To achieve this the typography that was chosen had to give off a feeling of tradition without coming off as stuck in the past, Fleisch Wurst was the chosen typeface; for a modern take on blackletter characters, this was used in conjunction with Apotek Extra Wide for all additional type used within various lockups of the logo.
For the Logomark itself the C was pulled from the Fleisch typeface and used in conjunction with a maple leaf illustrated with the same overall look, then a border reminiscent of a bottlecap was made to encapsulate this, overall this created a old school yet modern looking logomark.
Striking a Balance
The challenge designing the initial logo was to give off a sense of tradition while also maintaining some modernity, balancing these two ideas proved tricky and after much exploration we found a perfect middle ground.
Once we saw and played around with using Fleish Wurst as the font of the brand we found that delicate balance, the rest of the logo took inspiration from the blocky and sharp blackletter glyphs.
Varied & Responsive
Overall 4 Lockups exist to be used in a variety of situations, including responsive designed ones to be used at different sizes, this will ensure that brand recognition will never be compromised regardless of application.
Below is an overview of all available lockups that have been designed for the brand.
Clear & Simple Packaging
The driving thought behind creation of the packaging was that we wanted it to stand on the shelf and be "clear and sincere" not to be more than it was, too often beer labelling and its packaging is loud and obnoxious, screaming at customers from the shelf fighting to be heard.
Clear and Simple design stands stronger and evokes a more mature air.

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