Client: Fro (Concept Brand), Industry: Health food, Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Motion Design
Fro is a new venture in the Vegan and health food market that will be selling a variety of flavours of frozen yogurt. Currently they have 1 flavour (Peach) to market to their customers which will be sold in store in 500g tubs and 1kg boxes, This will be the basis of the brand as there flagship flavour.
They required branding to be established and a solution on how to package their product, we landed on focusing on making the brand inviting to those who would not usually buy "health food" and instead try and bring those people into making a healthy choice without feeling intimidated by the product.
Despite Fro being vegan they do not want to focus on marketing it to this customer base as they feel it could alienate them from reaching those who could make the choice to replace a dairy product with a vegan product.
Friendly & Inviting
Our main problem to solve was to make this product as inviting as possible to the non-vegan demographic, the branding overall doesn't make a big deal about being vegan other than listing it on the front, care was made to make this not stand out too much as the product should be taken at face value without the baggage that some people associate with vegan foods. 
Designing an overall inviting experience for anyone was our goal, through the use of soft colours, gentle illustration, and carefully selected fonts such as Coquette, this was achieved.
Due to the simplicity of the overall brand logo it already lends itself to responsive design without many changes needing to be implemented.
Seen to the right here Is the responsive design system for Fro, with the furthest right being to be used as a favicon.
An Approachable Product
Below we have the complete design solution for the packaging of their products in two distinct sizes, emphasizing the approachable nature required of the design.

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