Currently I am working on creating a PSA Animation regarding the prevalence on man-made wildfires in BC and to educate on the need to be aware how we contribute to them.
The thought behind this animation is not to offer a solution, as the solution is obvious and easy (although it does include the two major causes of them; cigarettes and campfires), however the amount of man-made wildfires seems to remain the same despite this. This is designed to make the viewer question their actions if they have done anything to contribute to this number in the past, to hold their friends and acquaintances accountable if they have or plan on doing something that has the potential to contribute to or start a wildfire.
Currently I am in the storyboarding phase and thinking about Art Direction, in the following weeks I will work on creating some style frames of each shot of the animation.
Panoramic Shot: Early Animation Test
Character Design
The character created for this piece was created in contrast with the scene itself, where the scene has mostly organic shapes and soft or undefined edges the character has rigid linework that defines his presence in the scene.
Illustration Development

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